Laser Surgery

Common questions we frequently are asked: ‘Does your clinic do the surgery?’, ‘What is meant by co-management?’, and ‘Since you aren’t a surgeon, how are you involved in the refractive surgery?’.

Co-management of Laser Vision Correction means we provide the required pre-testing and post-operative care. The actual procedure is performed by the surgeon who specializes in refractive surgery.

This co-management works to the patient’s advantage in multiple ways:

  • Whenever we recommend a surgeon or surgery centre for the eyes, we only refer to those whom we have seen consistently excellent results and have an exemplary 'track record'. We will only refer to surgeons whom we would be comfortable operating on our eyes.
  • We are an advocate for you, our patient, if concerns arise. We communicate directly with the surgeon, when necessary, and provide ongoing reports of your progress to the surgeon immediately after your office visits.
  • Our doctors have extensive knowledge of post-operative results since we have been co-managing Laser Vision Correction for many years. Many of our staff, family members and friends have undergone the procedure and continue to enjoy their new vision each and everyday.

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