Dr. Noel G. Stephenson graduated in 1944 and started his Optometric practice in Barrie in 1945. At first, he had an examination room located in the back of his brother Bill’s jewelry store on Bayfield Street.

From the turn of the century, it was customary for jewelers to supply eye ware and it was common to have a basic eye exam done in that type of a store. Indeed, Dr. Stephenson’s father was an itinerant jeweler/optometrist supplying services throughout central and northern Ontario in the 1920's. Optometry, as a profession, was growing its recognition in the public’s eye as a separate health care service and as Dr. Stephenson’s practice expanded, he moved to a separate office on Dunlop Street, steps from the 5 Points intersection and then moved again to a slightly larger office at 3 Clapperton Street. Again, just steps from the 5 Points and the office remained there as a fixture of downtown Barrie for the next 35 years.
Long time residents of Barrie remember the seasonal decorations in the office windows especially the Christmas displays using model trains and sound effects piped through the outdoor speakers. Being born on Christmas day did influence Dr. Stephenson’s joy of the holiday season.
Dr. Hazlett had rejoined the practice after completing his studies at the University of Waterloo in 1985. (During 1974 - 79 he was assisting Dr. Stephenson as an optician.) The office on Clapperton was no longer large enough for the growing practice of 2 Optometrists so Cedar Pointe Business Park became the new home for the practice in 1988. Dr. Stephenson continued to practice until 1990 and served the people of Barrie area for 45 years. In 1989 he was honoured with the Barrie Citizen of the Year Award for his many contributions to the City and the people who live here.

The office expanded again in 2007 but this time the office grew by taking over the office space next door. The whole office was renovated and updated to reflect the expanding role of Optometrists in our health care system. The practice continues to grow and with 4 Optometrists and 11 assistants, we still strive to meet our goal of supplying the best eye care possible to you, our patients.

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