Do I need surgery for my cataracts?
Cataracts are a naturally occurring phenomenon that will invariably affect all people at some point in their lifetime. Inside the eye, behind the iris, is the crystalline lens. This is where cataracts form by altering the clarity of the lens itself and creating fogginess to the vision. These changes can happen to one or both eyes at the same time. Most people often start to notice problems with glare, either with driving at night or from the sunshine. The good news is that cataracts can be surgically removed by an eye surgeon as a day surgery procedure. The exact point in time when surgery is required can depend on several factors. Other health conditions, maintaining vision for your driver’s license, night driving and working around bright lights can be some of the factors that will influence the exact time when surgery would be required. Feel free to discuss any of these symptoms with your optometrist if you have any concerns. Maintaining regular eye health examinations will detect cataracts in the early stages. Your optometrist is well equipped and trained in this and can arrange a referral to an eye surgeon when required.